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This is where you can find out about our key members of staff and our leadership style.

Carl Harvey

Carl is an engineer by trade. He started as a Technician Apprentice with Mirrlees Blackstone, a company that designed and built large diesel engines. Three years were then spent at Coventry University where he studied Production Engineering. Carl was then invited to attend Cranfield University to sit the Fellowship in Manufacturing Management.

Following several years of successfully managing manufacturing companies Carl felt it was time for a change and setup Team Madison.




Is a worker an Employee or Self-Employed ?

The difference between being an employee or self-employed will affect that person's employment rights. In deciding this question the law says that the following has to be looked at:

a) Does the employer control what work is done ?

b) Does the employer control where, when and how the work is done ?

c) Does the employer provide holiday and sickness pay ?

d) Is the employer taking the financial risk ?

e) Is the employer responsible for paying Tax & National Insurance Contributions ?

If the answers to the above are yes then that person is likely to be employed, rather than self-employed, no matter what the employment contract says.

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