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Data Gathering
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At Team Madison, we create solutions for data gathering.

Team Madison can plan, manage and complete a full data gathering campain or perform a section of of a campaign.

It doesn't matter what media you are planning to use, we have experience of them all, our highly motivated staff will offer innovative solutions.

Detailed below are some case studies:


Grasmere Farm


A small butcher that produces high quality products from it's own pigs and trdaditionally milled feedstuffs.

The company wanted to start promoting special offers to all it's customers. However the costs of hard copy mailing it's existing 1500 customers were prohibative.

A campaign to gather information on it's existing customers and potential customers developed into a "Sausage" competition.

The campaign is on target to generate 50,000 new leads in it's first year.

You're probably wondering hao this solved the original problem. Well, the results are two fold.

An email address was captured from the competition which enabled special offers to be sent via email.

The database is to be rented and is expected to generete significant income.



Each name on your database could be worth 50p per year.

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