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At Team Madison, we create and deliver solutions to your data and marketing problems.

Team Madison was established in 1997 as a Data Capture company. The company grew rapidly to employ over 30 people specialising in Data Capture.

The portfolio of services we could offer grew to the core competencies we now hold important to the business.

The company moved in April 2002 to new premises and significant investments were made in the technology used.




So why do postcodes change?

There are times when it becomes necessary for Royal Mail to make changes to postal addresses on a large scale. There are a number of reasons for this:-

New building developments, both residential and business i.e. housing estates and business parks within an already densely populated inner city area, may lead to postcode exhaustion, thereby leaving no free postcodes to allocate. Because of the geographical nature of the postcode system it’s necessary to consider the wider area and allocate new postcode sectors and postcodes. This also applies to buildings that have been demolished.

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